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      Helium Balloons

We at Indigo Kreations are excited to share that we are now doing helium balloons! We carry a varitey of balloon theme within our shop. From baby showers, birthdays, get wells, cartoon, anniversary, memorials, and more! Also we can add helium to a balloon you bring to our shop if you need balloons blown for an occasion. You will still be charged for helium usage. Everyday is a celebration at Indigo Kreations and we want to make your gift special for a loved one. 

Helium Latex Balloons

Plain Latex Balloons $1 each

Print Latex Balloons $2 each

Confetti Latex Balloons $3 each

Helium Mylar Balloons

(Foil Ballons)

Depending on the style of the balloons, down below is the prices ranges for the size. We charge by the size. 

16 to 18 inch can range between $2-$6 per balloon

20-26 inch can range between $6-$12 per balloon

28 inch or more can range between $12-$25 per balloon

Colorful Balloons
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