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Balloon Designs

We have different designs for your special day!! Please check out our gallery for more content!


Circle Arch 


Balloon Garland


 Balloon Arch   


Balloon  Bouquet


        Theme Decor

Theme decor is one of our favorite parts in creating a special design for events! If you don't have an idea for the occasion, thats OK! We are more than happy to help in planning your theme!



Not only we create for events, we also can create a gift for a special day! What better way than to show your token of appreciation! Our balloon bouquets are one of a kind and are sure to bring a smile to that special someone.



Part of what we do is not only create but, if the designs are large we do require that you have a venue. A public venue for parties/events is a requirement in order for us to set up as well as safety for balloon designers. When setting up most of the time, we will show up to 2 to 4 hours ahead of time. There is an installment fee for setting up and we want to have enough time to set up and to make some detailed designs. 




Let's Celebrate!

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